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Consultation, Construction and Training for Tactile Paving in South Africa

The regulations surrounding Tactile Paving in South Africa have only recently been reviewed and updated and are therefore still relatively new to most contractors. Gimi Access offers a range of supportive Tactile Paving Services to help contractors in getting their TGSI specifications right the first time . 

We believe that everybody has the right to a dignified and non-discriminatory means of unassisted mobility.  It is therefore our mission, not only to make our public spaces more accessible for the visually impaired through a system of clear detectable warnings, but to contribute, in general, to a society that is more inclusive and more aware of the importance of Universal Access (UA) and Universal Design (UD).  This way, we can introduce TGSIs on a broader basis and create a truly interactive, accessible and usable environment for all. 

Our professionals are available to ensure your project’s compliance with the relevant codes and standards.

By tapping into our knowledge base and applying our guidelines to your work, you can avoid costly delays and have the best chance to have your project certified the first time. 

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Road Construction
professional developmnet training sessio


Need guidance on how to adapt designs in unusual circumstances?

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installation requires an in-depth understanding of national regulations, especially in extraordinary cases where a rational design approach is needed with an expert's interpretation of local regulations. This is where a TGSl consultant comes in. We make sure your project conforms to all the relevant standards, no matter how intricate.


Need assistance in the construction phase of your project?

Gimi Access provides professionally trained construction teams, Construction Managers as well as Project Managers to work with service providers. We install precast Tactile pavers in Pretoria, Johannesburg as well as other major cities in South Africa where Bus Rapid Transport systems are implemented.


We provide Training Services  to contractors, engineers, architects and municipal officials.

If you need specialists who can give your team valuable insights regarding Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installation, we're your team.

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