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Industry Leaders in TGSI product innovation, installation and consultation.

Gimi Access was established in 2014 in reaction to the increased demand for industry experts in the TGSI field. Since our very beginning, it has been our mission to lead the industry through in-depth knowledge of the correct design, production and installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators. 

Being TGSI experts allows us to contribute to a society where everyone has access to an unassisted, non-discriminatory means of being mobile in public spaces. 


Do you need expertise in the design and correct installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators?

Let our specialists guide you in getting it right the first time. 


We pride ourselves in having a 100% approval success rate from Engineers and Universal Access Consultants to date.

Working with companies that don't have in-depth knowledge of the latest TGSI legislation and industry standards could have severe cost and timing implications on your project.

We get it right the first time. Working with Gimi Access you can be sure that your project will conform to all the industry standards and requirements – right from the start, so you won't run into unexpected setbacks that will eat away your time and budget.

We manufacture and supply the widest range of industry-approved TGSI Products in South Africa, of the highest quality.

We also offer supportive Consultation, Installation and Training services to give our clients' projects the best chance to be certified the first time.

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Gimi Access has been working closely with the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB); Institute for the Blind (lFB), now Kaleidoscope in Worcester; the Guide Dog Association; National Department of Transport (NDoT); the South African Bureau of Standards’ (SABS) TGSI Working Group and Universal Access Consultants.


Our collaboration with relevant industry authorities, coupled with continuous research on local and international regulations and best practices, enables us to set a service and product-quality benchmark in the South African industry. By keeping up to date with current regulations we can constantly improve the accessibility of buildings, road infrastructure and public transport. 

Our TGSI designs conform to all industry requirements and are up to date with:

The NDoT’s Position Paper Requirements: 2016.

The latest National Technical Requirement (NTR1): 2017, Pedestrian Crossings.

SANS 784:2008 "Design for Access and Mobility -Tactile indicators".

SANS 10400-part S: 2011 “Facilities for Persons with Disabilities”.

The Tshwane/GIBB developed standard technical drawing book, titled "Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and Pedestrian Crossings".

Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) Standard Book of Drawings

The NDoT NMT Facility Guidelines: 2014.

Complete Street Guidelines developed by Municipalities

Although the International Standard, ISO 21542:2011 "Accessibility and Usability of the Built Environment", has not officially been adopted in South Africa yet, it is in the process and is also  considered.


We supply to most of the major municipalities accross South Africa.


Gimi Access is currently the only Tactile Ground Surface Indicator company in South Africa that manufactures, supplies and installs our own products. We have plants in Mbombela, Tswane & Bloemfontein, where we manufacture our accessible benches, kerbs and most of our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Blocks

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