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Educate your kids about Accessibility

It surely is amazing to see how even children's programs are starting to incorporate the awareness and importance of accessible design. The famous show, Doc McStuffins brought out an episode called "On a Roll" which premiered on March 2, 2018. This episode cleverly and clearly illustrates the struggles that the character Wildlife Will, who is in a wheelchair, needs to face as he tries to move around the town called McStuffinsville in order to achieve a life long dream of his - to complete his first book called "A field guide to the creatures of McStuffinsville."

As his friends run around town to help him catch a photo of various creatures, Wildlife Will stumbles across various obstacles, keeps on falling behind and not getting the pictures he wants for his book. The first obstacle is a pedestrian crossing at a traffic light where there is no ramp to help him get off the street and onto the sidewalk without a struggle.

The second obstacle is a patch of sand at a play park

Some more obstacles are the entrance gate at the play park as well as a small bridge that crosses over a stream.

The last obstacle could have dire consequences if tried in real life. Wildlife Will approaches a flight of stairs and tries to drag himself up by holding on to the hand railway.

Luckily these events result in Doc McStuffins and her friends creating a new, accessible McStuffinsville which is much more inclusive. It includes ramps, wider gates and breaks in side-walks. The episode even includes quite a clever song about accessibility. Read the full transcript and song lyrics by visiting this link:!

Watch the full episode on YouTube

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